Double Air Outlet Inline Duct Fan 6″ 1200m³/h

The modern workplace pursues the design concept of “breathing house”, with the integrated design of two-way exhaust fan, which can draw in fresh air and expel old air at the same time, so as to realize the real circulation of indoor and outdoor air. The balance between intake and exhaust plays an important role in the efficient operation of ventilation system. Two-speed motor design allows people to freely choose high-speed or low-speed ventilation to maintain fresh air. Special sound-absorbing materials are built in to minimize the impact of noise on the living environment. This makes it easier for you to achieve an ideal home environment with fresh air.

  1. AC motor
  2. 2 Speed setting
  3. Low niose
  4. Smart room
  5. Easy installation
Molel Voume Max pressure Voltage Power Noise
DDF-1200 1200/900m³/h 240Pa 220V/50Hz 390/376W 41/35dB