Heat & Energy Recovery Ventilator EC 0-550m³/h

Indoor and Outdoor air change with energy recovery. To keep indoor air fresh but without energy loss during air exchange. It brings fresh air into the building and exhaust an equal amount of contaminated air out of the building to maintain indoor comfort. The heat recovery efficiency is up to 70% which will be exhausted to outside. Energy transfer is maximized when the fresh air stream and stable air stream going through the core as to minimize the energy consumption. Fresh air is pre-filtered before introduced into building. The unit is featured with a compact structure and low noise centrifugal fan. The PE insulation applied inside the cabinet makes the thermal and acoustic insulations possible.

1. EC motor
2. continuously variable
3. Almost silent
4. Smart room
5. energy recovery
6. clean air

Molel Voume Max pressure Voltage Power Noise
HRV-550FCS 0-550m³/h 400Pa 220V/50Hz 88W 26dB

Filters:1,Primary filter          2,Efficency filtration filter          3,Cold catalyst filter