Large Air Volume Quiet Cabinet Fan 4600m³/h

Some of the larger commercial place, need big air volume of the mute in a quiet environment for air ventilation equipment, commercial mute type fan with large air volume as the characteristics and the use of special sound-absorbing material made of exhaust noise as low as possible, a two-speed motor design can make people free to choose according to need high speed quickly take a breath or low speed to keep the air fresh. It is recommended to use in large places where quiet environment is required.

  1. AC motor
  2. 2 Speed setting
  3. Easy installation
  4. Very quiet
  5. Large volume
Molel Voume Max pressure Voltage Power Noise
LDF-4600 4600/3960m³/h 480/425Pa 220V/50Hz 540/510W 51/49dB