Portable JET Ventilation Fan 12″ 2050m³/h

This portable JET Ventilation fan is more suitable for transport air in ultra-long ventilation ducts. Long distance or need to rapid ventilation of the bad working environment, The ordinary fan need more than a series of use in long distance, not only is not conducive to the operation and have many safety risks. With this portable JET fan, it is easy to cope with more than 20 meters of pipe or high drop environment.
The first application of aviation impeller realized the rapid flow of airflow in the flow field with uniform high pressure and low noise.
It is suitable for the air pollution of the cabin and other places for rapid ventilation, suitable for the need for long distance transportation sites or high drop underground places such as ventilation.

1, AC motor
2, Move easily
3, High pressure
4, Long distance ventilation

Molel Voume Max pressure Voltage Power Noise
SHT-JET300-4 2050m³/h 138Pa 220V/50Hz 140W 58dB