Portable Ventilation Fan 10″

People do not like to work or live in places with poor air quality. Portable fans are very popular because it are very easy to carry and use without installation. People can take it any time to the work place and foreclose the harmful dust to the body , or place it in the basement or other places that need air exchange, so as to exhaust the smell, moisture and other fresh air and make it more suitable for people to stay long time.
It’s very suitable for cabin, basement, construction sites, factories and other places with poor air environment

1. AC motor
2. Move easily
3. Low noise

Molel Max Voume Max pressure Voltage Frequency Power Speed
SHT3-250-2 2700/3300m³/h 300/450Pa 220V/110V 50/60Hz 250/350W 2800/3300r/min