Purification Type Quiet Cabinet Fan EC 0-350m³/h

With the increasing pollution of the air in the environment, the quality of air has always been a troubling problem for people. For the health of the family members, clean air is the love and care for the family members. The purification type silent blower will filter PM2.5 and other dust or particulate matter while delivering air quietly in the ventilation network, so that the indoor air is more pure and fresh than the outdoor air. It is suitable for fresh air ventilation in high quality houses, or clean air places like laboratories and hospitals.


  1. EC motor
  2. continuously variable
  3. Intelligent control system
  4. Almost silent
  5. Clean air
  6. Easy installation
Molel Voume Max pressure Voltage Power Noise
LDF-350AC-P 350m³/h 310Pa 220V/50Hz 63W 25dB